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- A scarf around your neck is therapeutic as it encourages blood circulation around that area especially for people who work for long hours in the computer and might be suffering from stiff neck.

- Scarfs are the number 1 defense against cold air since the neck is the most vulnerable area of the body.

- It feel so soothing to maintain warmth and not having cold air swirl around that area.

- Because our scarfs come in different colours, you have the luxury to mix and match and look stylish while staying warm.



-It is very easy to keep your faux cashmere scarf looking pretty with a few steps;

- Put your scarfs in a laundry or mesh bag before you place it in the machine.

- Use mild detergent to wash your scarf.

- Select gentle cycle on cold water.

- Rinse your scarf in cold water and let it air-dry

- Try not to wring or twist the scarf before drying it


TIP: Do not hang your cashmere; hanging will distort it and make it loose its original look. instead, fold and keep in a drawer or on a shelf away from moisture.